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LASER Waveguide Display

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작성자 Holmems 조회 2,753회 댓글 0건 작성일 19-10-21 18:22


We propose a novel thin-film visual display based on polymer waveguides. The visual display is composed of light sources, polymer waveguides, and scatter patterns. The polymer waveguides are designed to seven-segments or multi-waveguide. The waveguide structures are fabricated by a multi-step photolithography process using two photo-curable liquid pre-polymers with different refractive index. The seven-segment design with a switching methodology of the light sources contributes to selectively representing all decimal numbers from 0 to 9 by combination of activated segments. For a large area visual display based on the proposed methodology, a single light source interconnected to multi-waveguide section is integrated with a QWERTY key pad design. The visual display with the size of 60mm x110 mm provides uniform light intensity for images and it is very thin (thickness: 60μm), highly transparent (optical transmittance: 90%), and flexible. In addition, this approach has advantages in commercialization of the devices with high market competitiveness due to low cost of the starting materials and scalability of the process.




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