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OPTICS Dye-Cell Oscillator

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DYE CELL–Dye Laser

Obtaining Fluorescent dye wavelength from 585nm to 595nm by 532nm 300ps pulsed laser

Our Dye Cell provides a high conversion efficient over 30% for a picosecond pulsed laser with SHG crystal of 532nm. Pulse width 300ps and maximum pulse energy >250mJ at 532nm and beam diameter 10mm can be converted to wavelength 585nm, 640nm and 755nm, and over 30%~50% efficiency that could be depended on dye doping rate.

Diameter: 22mm
Thickness: 6mm
Conversion Efficient: >30% at input beam diameter >10mm
Damaged Threshold: 10J at 100ps 532nm
Lifetime: approx. 50,000 shots

Medical Treatment and Bio Photosensitive
Dye Fluorescent Illuminator
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Dye Cell(2)

Spectrometer Data

Dye Cell(1)

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Dye Cell Oscillator(Mounted)
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