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OPTICS Beam Splitter

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Beam splitting prisms and assemblies play an integral role in optical systems by dividing, recombining and managing the directions of multiple beam paths. Beams of light may be divided into separate wavelengths and polarization states, or they may be split for specific values of transmittance and reflectance that are averaged over or invariant to wavelength and polarization.

Precision Optical offers a wide selection of both standard and custom beam splitters of the following varieties:

• Cube, periscope, and penta prism beamsplitters, as well as custom shaped prisms and assemblies consisting of multiple beams and optical components.
• Plate and wedge beamsplitters with tight parallelism or wedge angle, and custom coatings designed to operate at required angles of incidence.
• Dichroic, multi-wavelength, and laser insertion beamsplitter prisms.
• Polarizing beamsplitters with high extinction ratios and high laser damage thresholds.
• Broadband non-polarizing beamsplitters with metal-hybrid dielectric coatings.

All varieties of beam splitters are available in a wide selection of sizes and glass types, with tight surface quality, angles, dimensions, flatness, and transmitted wavefront requirements. Custom facets, chamfers, notches and other features are also available.


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